[hobbit] problems installing netapp.pl

Hubbard, Greg L greg.hubbard at eds.com
Wed Jun 25 17:20:43 CEST 2008

I have no experience with netapp.pl to offer you.

It appears that the server-side tests are working, but the client-side tests are not being recorded.  This probably means that the Hobbit client is not working on the remote device, or the messages that it is sending are not being recognized as valid.  This is Hobbit 101.  Look at your ghost report.


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I have been struggling for the past few days to get netapppl to work on my hobbit server without luck. I have installed the sw as per the instructions and edited the relevant files. When I try to run netapp.pl manually it errors stating that the relevant netapp is not listed in the bbhost file.

The server is listed
servername ipaddr # netapp

The usual tests run and results are shown on the webpage for conn, http, info, sslcer, trends. However none of the disk etc. info is shown.

Hobbit has been upgraded to 4.2.0 and the latest allinone patch has been added. Perl has been updated to 5.8.8. The system is suse 9.3. 

At the moment I am not sure how to proceed and assistance would be appreciated.



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