[hobbit] Skinned Hobbit (eww) discussion

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Hi Robert
You are much like a bikini with this. What you reveal is suggestive, but
what you conceal is vital. 
(With apologies to Aaron Levenstein)
You have shown us what can be achieved, but kept hidden the secret of
how to achieve it.
I am sure I speak for many on the list, when I ask, please let us know
the changes you have made to achieve this wonderful look.


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Subject: [hobbit] Skinned Hobbit (eww) discussion

With all the discussion about icons, I figured I would open another
can-of-worms (so to speak).

I don't know if this has been discussed before (I could not find
anything in my searches).  As part of getting buyoff from managers we
changed the look of hobbit to be a little less "dark".  We only make one
change to the code (to make highlighting of the line work), all other
changes were to the web/www files.

Major Changes:
 - Moved menu down to make room for 'company banner'
 - changed colors (background/font/etc)
 - Removed background (we were annoyed by the "blink" everytime the
screen refreshed)
 - Added status "line" between company banner & menu, also below the
 - Added highlight function: highlights line that mouse is over
 - changed icons
 - changed footer

I wanted to see what others thought of our effort.  Also, I wanted to
see if others think it would be worth the time to make hobbit 'skins'
(never really cared for that term).

I am willing to help in any effort.

See attached. (sanitized version).


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