Graph multiple unknown named RRD values in one graph

Michael Hobbs michael.hobbs at
Thu Aug 14 20:25:26 CEST 2008

Hi all,

I have spent the last day reading documentation and searching the "tubes" for an answer without any luck. Here is my scenario.

I have multiple hosts reporting JVM free memory numbers in the following format. Each line is a different JVM name with its current free memory number.

 mn17camp.web: 846
 mn18camp.web: 669
 mn19camp.web: 337
 mn30camp.web: 938
 mn31camp.web: 750
 mn32camp.web: 812
 mn33camp.web: 723
 mn5camp.web: 785
 mn63camp.web: 179
 mn65camp.web: 518
 mn6camp.web: 597
 mp3camp.web: 673
 tbo1camp.web: 461
 tbo2camp.web: 1030
 tbo3camp.web: 490

I have hobbit saving them to an rrd file using the data channel in the ncv format. Is there a way to graph these without explicitly defining each jvm name? i.e. Can I iterate through whatever names are in the file? Or can I have hobbit create different rrd files based on content of the ncv file? I'm guessing it could be similar to how the disk test does it.


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