[hobbit] Telnet/ssh from Hobbit Display

Ralph Mitchell ralphmitchell at gmail.com
Sat Jan 14 09:01:40 CET 2006

I just found this:


which says that you can set up some user pref entries in Firefox to
handle new protocols, so I went to the "about:config" page and created
these entries:

   one "string" type:


   with the path to a script as it's value:


   three boolean types, set "true", true" & "false" respectively:


A test page contains this link:

   <A href="ssh:">My Server</a>

and the /usr/local/bin/fox script contains this:


   set $1

   if [ "$PROTO" = "ssh" ]; then
     exec /usr/bin/xterm -e ssh $URI

Obviously the script could do with some data validation - this was
just for proof-of-concept.  The arg handed to the script is the whole
uri including the protocol, so it could handle multiple protocols.

Anyway, when I click on the link, a new xterm window pops up with a
ssh session to my server.  I suppose if your desktop is running
Windows, the script would need to fire up putty.exe or something

Ralph Mitchell

It seems to work OK with Firefox-1.0.7 in Gentoo Linux.
On 1/13/06, Frédéric Mangeant <frederic.mangeant at steria.com> wrote:
> Costa, Todd (DMH) a écrit :
> > Hello Listers,
> >
> > I am wonder if its possible in Hobbit to establish a telnet/ssh session to a
> > host that's being monitored from the Display? If it can be done, how do I go
> > about doing it?
> >
> > I have read about adding html tags in the header/footer files on the BB
> > archives which comes close to what I want but did not explain further. I did
> > not find anything in Deadcat. Google is great but there's way too hits to
> > sift through.
> >
> > My goal is to connect to an old device via telnet/ssh from a link in Hobbit.
> > I realize telnet is taboo but the device is/can be isolated from outside
> > connections (managed IP's). Can anyone point me in the right direction?
> >
> Hi
> there are Java SSH clients, like : http://www.netspace.org/ssh/
> --
> Frédéric Mangeant
> Steria EDC Sophia-Antipolis
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