conn alerts based on ping time

Charles Jones jonescr at
Fri Jan 13 19:01:11 CET 2006

I'm helping someone set up Hobbit at their company, and they want to 
monitor the status of a remote office T1 link.  Of course Hobbit can 
tell them if the link goes totally down, or you can ignore bad pings 
with "badconn",  but they want to know when the link is *slow*, as they 
often have periods of time when the pings are not dropped, but instead 
taking 1-3 seconds (instead of <100ms like normal). 

Is there any chance that Hobbit will soon support comparing the ping 
replies to specifiied values for green, yellow, and red?

Somethign like: # conn:200:500

This would make's conn test go yellow if the ping was between 
200 and 500ms, and red if it was over 500ms.
Since hobbit already graphs the numeric values of the ping replies, this 
seems like it would be fairly easy to add?

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