[hobbit] multiple hosts

David Gore David.Gore at mci.com
Wed Jan 11 16:52:02 CET 2006


I asked a similar question many months ago for our Digital UNIX (4.x) 
boxes running in multiple clusters.  I did not get any answer, so I had 
to create a hack that does run multiple clients on each host.  One 
client is for the physical host and does, cpu, disk, etc, and one client 
for the logical/virtual host that does the tasks specific to the 
logical/virtual host.  The runclient.sh script runs every ten minutes 
via crontab, to make sure both clients are running and starts either 
client if they are not.  I also have custom versions of some of the 
default Hobbit client scripts to support multiple clients on a single 
host.  So in short as far as I know, you are going to have to 
hack/script your own solution.  I don't mind sending you what my hobbit 
scripts have turned into, but it may not be what you are looking for.

David Gore 

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Rolf Schrittenlocher wrote:
> Hi,
> as there was no answer to my first mail, I try again with other words:
> Our machines may have one or more aliases (virtual hosts) which all 
> have DNS-entries. Normally we refer to the machines not using the 
> hostname but by the alias, each of them combined to a bundle of 
> functions and tasks. So a machine "frodo.xxx.de" might host 
> "webserver.xxx.de", "dnsserver.xxx.de" and "tolkserver.xxx.de".  These 
> aliases and of course the tasks related to them are transferred to 
> another machine in case of hardware failure, maintenance, etc.
> In bb-hosts we have an entry for each machine (to get data from this 
> machine in case there is no alias set on it) and of course for all 
> relevant aliases. What we need now is that the general client data 
> (cpu, disk, ssh, ...) for each machine appears both with the hostname 
> and all aliases set on it.
> I added a script to runclient.sh which creates 
> ~/client/etc/clientlaunch.cfg dynamically according to the aliases set 
> on the machine before starting the client. This assures that the 
> correct data is polled on the client. I may modify $MACHINE or Í may 
> use the CLIENT:hostname tag in bb-hosts to make the client send 
> messages with a different name. But that would require several 
> instances of the client running, somethin I dislike. I hope there is a 
> way to send the client data once and to make the server look at some 
> configuration file to see where he should  present these data. Maybe 
> that possibility exists but I haven't found it yet. So I hope that 
> someone could indicate me where to search for the places which I have 
> to "hack" hoping that it is possible to do that with shell or perl as 
> my C-knowledge isn't so good. But even if C is necessary: Any hints 
> are appreciated.
> Thanks Rolf

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