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as there was no answer to my first mail, I try again with other words:

Our machines may have one or more aliases (virtual hosts) which all have 
DNS-entries. Normally we refer to the machines not using the hostname 
but by the alias, each of them combined to a bundle of functions and 
tasks. So a machine "" might host "", 
"" and "".  These aliases and of course 
the tasks related to them are transferred to another machine in case of 
hardware failure, maintenance, etc.
In bb-hosts we have an entry for each machine (to get data from this 
machine in case there is no alias set on it) and of course for all 
relevant aliases. What we need now is that the general client data (cpu, 
disk, ssh, ...) for each machine appears both with the hostname and all 
aliases set on it.
I added a script to which creates 
~/client/etc/clientlaunch.cfg dynamically according to the aliases set 
on the machine before starting the client. This assures that the correct 
data is polled on the client. I may modify $MACHINE or Í may use the 
CLIENT:hostname tag in bb-hosts to make the client send messages with a 
different name. But that would require several instances of the client 
running, somethin I dislike. I hope there is a way to send the client 
data once and to make the server look at some configuration file to see 
where he should  present these data. Maybe that possibility exists but I 
haven't found it yet. So I hope that someone could indicate me where to 
search for the places which I have to "hack" hoping that it is possible 
to do that with shell or perl as my C-knowledge isn't so good. But even 
if C is necessary: Any hints are appreciated.

Thanks Rolf

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