[hobbit] 1 alert message, 3 recovered messages

Thomas Ruecker truecker at technologie-management.net
Thu Aug 4 14:12:05 CEST 2005

>>I have for each host-macro and service-macro 3 lines with different 
>>times of alerting. This works fine for alerts, but I get always 3 
>>recovered messages. I added RECOVERED after each line.
>>Does RECOVERED doesn't recordnize the time-parameter?
> Depends on the version.
> 4.0 recovery-messages obey the time-restrictions.
> 4.1 doesn't. From the Changes:
> * If an alert was configured to be sent only during certain
>   periods of time, the recovery message would be suppressed if
>   the recovery happened outside of the alerting period. Changed
>   so that recovery messages ignore the time-based restrictions.

Jip, I'm using 4.1.1. So I need do delete all the RECOVERED and add one 
extra line only for RECORVERED.

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