[hobbit] 1 alert message, 3 recovered messages

Henrik Stoerner henrik at hswn.dk
Thu Aug 4 13:27:32 CEST 2005

On Thu, Aug 04, 2005 at 01:07:09PM +0200, Thomas Ruecker wrote:
> Hi,
> I have for each host-macro and service-macro 3 lines with different 
> times of alerting. This works fine for alerts, but I get always 3 
> recovered messages. I added RECOVERED after each line.
> Does RECOVERED doesn't recordnize the time-parameter?

Depends on the version.

4.0 recovery-messages obey the time-restrictions.

4.1 doesn't. From the Changes:

* If an alert was configured to be sent only during certain
  periods of time, the recovery message would be suppressed if
  the recovery happened outside of the alerting period. Changed
  so that recovery messages ignore the time-based restrictions.


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