Suggestion for Procs ext script

Allan allan at
Thu Aug 4 07:54:36 CEST 2005

    Hey guys,

Moving further forward on alot of our stuff one of the things we dont 
have is something that will monitor all the processes on the CPU tab. At 
the moment it only uses the standard bb client on that gives the load 
avg and thats it.

Can someone suggest one that is easy to use and will run on RH 7-9 and 
Whitebox 3. I've looked at some on the site, cpu2, one of 
the top ones, but they either just report on what the cpu is, or I 
cannot get them to work.

On a side note I THINK the new hobbit client lists the processes 
(looking at what comes up on the demo site but cant be 100%) so maybe 
I'll see if I can steal (errrm borrow :p) a line or two from there.

Otherwise if anyone else has some other suggestions that have worked for 
them I'm all ears



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