strange down message

Roberto Tagliaferri r.tagliaferri at
Thu Aug 4 07:34:35 CEST 2005

I've hobbit 4.1.1 on linux and it work fine, but i received a false down 
of a server:
red  Tue Aug  2 07:32:01 2005 conn NOT ok

Service conn on banchi is not OK : Host does not respond to ping

System unreachable for 2 poll periods (86 seconds)

&red x.x.x.x is unreachable

The server is up and if i go in hobbi i see the connection up, without 
ani problem

The subjet report a 0 id:
Hobbit [0] banchi:conn CRITICAL (RED)

The problem born 2 days ago when i changed an hd on this server, but 
hobbit see both down and up state...

Hobbit [492938] banchi:conn CRITICAL (RED)
Hobbit banchi:conn recovered

Where is the false record?

Roberto Tagliaferri
Responsabile Progettazione & Produzione
TosNet s.r.l. - Internet Service Provider
r.tagliaferri at

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