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Re: [hobbit] xymon issue need help

On Thu, February 25, 2010 14:20, Jerald Sheets wrote:
> Yeah, we should endeavor to be helpful to newcomers (although not
> spoon-feed them) whenever they come by.
> We could have answers like that on darned near any Linux forum out there,
>  but we should at least try and be helpful.
> How about some sites?  How about the wiki which specifically covers
> Solaris installations?
> Here's some Solaris goo:
> http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/System_Monitoring_with_Xymon/Administration_
> Guide#Solaris_11.2F06_U3_on_Sun_hardware
> And some helpful sites:
> Xymon <http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/System_Monitoring_with_Hobbit>
> Deadcat <http://www.deadcat.net/> MRTG
> <http://hobbitmon.sourceforge.net/docs/hobbit-mrtg.html> Hobbit Tips and
> Tricks<http://hobbitmon.sourceforge.net/docs/hobbit-tips.html> Man Pages
> <http://hobbitmon.sourceforge.net/docs/man-index.html> Xymonton
> <http://xymonton.trantor.org/doku.php> Windows Goodness
> <http://system.keilir.net/windows.html> Hobbiton
> <http://www.hswn.dk/hobbiton/>
> Come on...   we're better than that.

In Josh's defense, it looked like a spoon-feed request.  He's generally
pretty helpful to noobs who ask questions with any thought behind them. 
My inclination was to refer the OP to:

I also harked back to another mailing list, in a previous century, and the
question "How do I configure the best firewall?".  The goofery and
ridicule went on for days, including pictures of wirecutters.

You're probably a better person than I am.