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RE: [hobbit] Column for BBWIN CLIENT

You may wish to try the BBWin mailing list:

        bbwin-help (at) lists.sourceforge.net

> Hi,
> We have a hobbit
> server linux and windows client, I can see the default column (cpu, mem, disk,
> ..) of windows client in the hobbit server
> I need to make
> external scripts in the Windows client but I am not clear as to see the columns
> on the hobbit server
> I try to use as a
> guide in the script that comes BBWIN fsmon agent, gives no error message in logs
> bbwin, but does not display a column in the hobbit server.
> Please your help
> the basic steps that should be performed to visualize the output of a external
> script in the Windows client to a server
> hobbit.
> Thanks.
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> [GPTW]