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Re: [hobbit] strange rrd data


this issue happen for almost all rrd and all hosts. What can change this sign bit ?


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It might be the "signed/unsigned" think that happens when counters roll over. In signed integers there is a "sign bit" that tells whether the value is positive or negative, and it can cause strange things to happen if one element treats a value as signed and another element treats it as unsigned. Just guessing, but a common source of error... 

On Thu, Feb 18, 2010 at 9:10 AM, Olivier AUDRY < olivier (at) audry.fr > wrote: 


since yesterday we have some strange data in our rrd. Data totally out of range (e+150). I have enable the debug mode to see what information hobbit get and send. Someone has already have this kind of trouble ? 

thx for your help 

hobbit version 4.2.0 
rrd version 1.2.23 


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