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Re: [hobbit] Setting up SMS server and hobbit

On Thursday 11 February 2010, Smith, Cathy wrote:
> Can someone recommend directions for setting up an SMS server and
>  integrating it with hobbit?  I'm a novice about this, so something that is
>  written well would be appreciative.  There seems to be a lot on Google
>  when I did a simple search.
We use gnokii and serial attached siemens m20 sms box.  I have 2 of them and 
they are rock solid.
gnokii uses a mysql database. so a simple insert in the outbox table is enough 
to send a sms.


PS: our monitor setup is much more complicated.  We use 2 SMS gateways and 2 
dialers (asterisk software connected to a VoIP box) in 2 different countries.  
Each customer has a monitor server that can connect to the dialers if there is 
an alert.  The dialer calls the system engineer and sends a sms.