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client tests on some machines


I'm migrating a BB setup to hobbit.
I have a client test, that is run only on some machines.
how can I do that with hobbit?

==> I have all clients running the same client software
with binary distribution, all clients have a
[extensions] in clientlaunch.cfg where ONE external
shellscript is startet (that script calls the different
local tests I have). All those external scripts are distributed
via binary update.

in BB I had the bb-hosts distributed onto the clients and
the scripts were parsing that file to check if they had to
do something.

a solution would be to have a bb-hosts in the ext/-Directory
also, that would be distributed via binary update, and the
scripts would check against that bb-hosts file.

is there any other more flexible way?
is it possible for the clients to fetch the content of the
serverside bb-hosts or hobbit-client.cfg?

any pointers to the right documentation welcome.


Dipl.-Ing. Univ. Werner Maier