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Re: [hobbit] propagate blue status to the main page

On Wednesday, 3 February 2010 20:35:18 Asif Iqbal wrote:


> I see it is now bringing the `purple' alerts in the surface. But not `blue'
> yet. Even though I do have some some `blue' (disabled services)
> in there. I hope I do not need to add/remove blue from ALERTCOLORS and/or

These only affect alerting, not page generation.

> > On Wed, Feb 3, 2010 at 2:06 PM, Asif Iqbal <vadud3 (at) gmail.com> wrote:
> >> How do I propagate blue status to the main page ?

AFAIK, you can't.

> >> Some hosts' some
> >> services are disabled and it still shows green in the main page.

Someone did post a script to generate a list of disabled tests/systems, which 
may be a better approach (than explaining to management what blue means :-)).

> >> The only way to realize that some of those tests are disabled is by
> >> clicking on the group and go to the group page.
> >>
> >> This is from hobbitserver.cfg man page
> >>
> >>           If set to TRUE, then summaries will affect the color of
> >>           the main Hobbit webpage. Default: FALSE.

This relates to summary entries in bb-hosts, see the bb-hosts man page. It has 
nothing to do with upward propagation of page colour.