[Xymon] Sorry to bother you ... But I was wondering if your could possibly Help us ... (Issues Resolved)

Prevost Eric eric.prevost at volvo.com
Tue Jun 2 16:13:51 CEST 2020

Good Morning Gentlemen …

I would like to take the Time to THANK All of you for your Excellent Assistance !
As this morning with your Feedbacks, we were able to Resolve our Buffer Issues  :D
We did so by Increasing 3 of the Parameters on our Xymon Server:

Honestly I am extremely Impressed by the Excellence & Rapidity of your Replies :D
As being a Freeware, I really wasn’t expecting much (reply wise) !

So KUDOS guys !   Your Help was Amazing :D
Keep up your Excellent Work

Cordialement / Best Regards / Med vänlig hälsning,
Eric Prévost

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Cc: Prevost Eric <eric.prevost at volvo.com>; xymon at xymon.com
Subject: Re: [Xymon] Sorry to bother you ... But I was wondering if your could possibly Help us ...

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I believe Malcolm is correct... Here is the section of the xymonserver.cfg file that deals with the buffer sizes :

# Maximum message size buffers (in KB)
# These are commented out by default, you should only change them if you
# have systems sending large status-messages or otherwise need to handle
# large messages. Please read the description in xymonserver.cfg(5) first.
#MAXMSG_CLIENT=512              # clientdata messages (default=512k)
#MAXMSG_CLICHG=$MAXMSG_CLIENT   # client change messages (default=MAXMSG_CLIENT)
#MAXMSG_STATUS=256              # general "status" messages (default=256k)
#MAXMSG_STACHG=$MAXMSG_STATUS   # status change messages (default=MAXMSG_STATUS)
#MAXMSG_PAGE=$MAXMSG_STATUS     # page messages (default=MAXMSG_STATUS)
#MAXMSG_ENADIS=32               # enable and disable control messages (default=32k)
#MAXMSG_USER=128                # "user" messages (default=128k)
#MAXMSG_DATA=256                # "data" messages, if enabled (default=256k)
#MAXMSG_NOTES=256               # "notes" messages, if enabled (default=256k)


On Fri, May 29, 2020 at 5:15 PM Malcolm Hunter <malcolm.r.hunter at gmail.com<mailto:malcolm.r.hunter at gmail.com>> wrote:

You may be hitting the MAXMSG_DATA limit of 256K – try increasing it in xymonserver.cfg. I would have thought you’d have seen xymond go yellow as well and show “Oversize” errors.


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From: Prevost Eric<mailto:eric.prevost at volvo.com>
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Subject: [Xymon] Sorry to bother you ... But I was wondering if your could possibly Help us ...

(2nd Sending as I had forgotten a Screenshoot for the Value I changed to 10000 in the Powershell File, so sorry about this)

Hello …

Sorry to bother you ... But I was wondering if you could possibly Help us ... with a weird Issue we started having this Week ()
If so here it is:
At some point for the past couple of night, we started receiving the following ALERT:

                &red XymonPSClient: No matching service - want started/automatic

But when I look on the Windows Server, under the (Windows mmc) Service window, it is shown as Started … But Xymon doesn’t see it as such ☹
Now what is weird is that the ClientLog does list it, but under the SVCS button … I don’t see all of the Services almost all but the last portion is missing (depending on how many there are  ... the more there are I guess the more I would be missing) … So I was thinking that it might be related to some sort of a VARIABLE Type or Buffer Size (Limitation) that is just not big enough ... but when I looked at the “xymonclient.ps1”, there are way too many lines for me to understand all of it an try to figure out what I would need to change :$
Also I only fiddle a Little bit in PowerShell so my skills are at best at the Beginner Level …
Thus this is why I am taking a Chance sending you this Email

Here are a few Screenshot to try to show you the Issue and what I saw there leaning me towards the Incorrect Variable Type or Buffer Size

[Previous content & Screenshot were REMOVED, to lighten this mail …]

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