[Xymon] (Xymon newbie) -- how to schedule a Xymon monitoring?

Jeremy Laidman jeremy at laidman.org
Thu May 10 00:55:03 CEST 2018

On 10 May 2018 at 07:48, Kern Doe via Xymon <xymon at xymon.com> wrote:

> Hello Xymon gurus,
> I have a test database script, run by userID db2inst1 on an hourly basis
> by a cron, producing an output text file containing a flag (a word)
> red/green, for example:
> cat /tmp/chkpublicprivs.out
> centos_hp0.NoPublic red db Security WARNING <br> Wed May  9 17:16:33 EDT
> 2018: PUBLIC access found in abcd database.
> Xymon picks this up when I manually kick this off this command:
> /home/xymon/server/bin/bb "status `cat
> /tmp/chkpublicprivs.out`"
> When my chkpublicprivs script runs again producing GREEN, it doesn't look
> like Xymon knows about this. How do we schedule Xymon to run? What
> parameter that determines that? I know I can put the above Xymon command in
> a cron but I suspect Xymon has its own scheduling mechanism.
> Thank you in advance!!
> Kern --

Kern, you are correct. Xymon has a scheduler process called xymonlaunch. On
a Xymon server, the configuration file that defines Xymon's scheduled tasks
is tasks.cfg. On a Xymon client, the configuration file is called
clientlaunch.cfg. The format of clientlaunch.cfg and tasks.cfg is the same.
Run "man tasks.cfg" on your Xymon server to read about the format of the
file, or view it online here:

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