hobbit monitoring summary report

ye-fee liang yf.liang at yahoo.ca
Fri Aug 21 19:30:34 CEST 2009

Thank you for the prompt reply.  Is it possible to distinguish between "Active" clients
those that are promptly responding to tests (say, pings), those that are currently
sending data (say, CPU), and those have not been responding and sending
(maybe the users dispose/shut down the servers without informing to update Hobbit).

My definition of "Active" is if it responds or sends data in the last hour.

RE: [hobbit] hobbit monitoring summary report
To: <hobbit (at) hswn.dk> 
Subject: RE: [hobbit] hobbit monitoring summary report 
From: Torsten Richter <bb4 (at) richter-it.net> 
Date: Fri, 21 Aug 2009 09:34:37 +0200 
well you could do a 
ALLCLIENTS=`$HOBBITSERVERHOME/bin/bb "hobbitdboard"|awk -F\| '{print $1}'|sort -u|wc -l` 
to get all clients that actually report to your server.
As second step do a INSTCLIENTS=`$HOBBITSERVERHOME/bin/bb "hobbitdboard test=cpu"|awk -F\| '{print $1}'|sort -u|wc -l` 
to get all clients that have client installed monitoring. I assume if a client is installed then it also reports a cpu status.
However, clients polled via SNMP are also show the cpu status but have no client installed.
But I hope to have helped you a bit.

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