[hobbit] hobbit monitoring summary report

Torsten Richter bb4 at richter-it.net
Fri Aug 21 09:34:37 CEST 2009


well you could do a 
ALLCLIENTS=`$HOBBITSERVERHOME/bin/bb "hobbitdboard"|awk -F\| '{print $1}'|sort -u|wc -l` 
to get all clients that actually report to your server.
As second step do a INSTCLIENTS=`$HOBBITSERVERHOME/bin/bb "hobbitdboard test=cpu"|awk -F\| '{print $1}'|sort -u|wc -l` 
to get all clients that have client installed monitoring. I assume if a client is installed then it also reports a cpu status.

However, clients polled via SNMP are also show the cpu status but have no client installed.
But I hope to have helped you a bit.

    Is there better way of reporting this?

    Purpose:  to report how many active client and 
              client-less monitoring are done by hobbit.

    My method:
    1. for client installed monitoring, count the number of 
       /home/hobbit/data/rrd/*/vmstat.rrd that are recent
       (ie. newer than a date file created earlier, say 5am)

    2. for client-less monitoring, count the number of 
       latest /home/hobbit/data/histlogs/*/conn/ or
       /home/hobbit/data/histlogs/*/http/ (if both exist,
       then count only one) that are recent (see def. above).
       (some clients may not be pingable; multiple web pages
       on the same server should be counted only once).

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