[hobbit] vmstat graphing with CPU io wait

Tom Georgoulias tgeorgoulias at nandomedia.com
Thu Jan 27 16:35:11 CET 2005

Tom Georgoulias wrote:
>  > Patch - on top of the previous one - attached. It compiles, but
>  > I haven't tested it. It assumes your vmstat data sends in
>  > "rhel3" as the name of the OS.
> I was going to share the patch I created, which looks almost the same,
> but   I went ahead and used yours instead, though, just to be in sync
> with your sources.

I think I spoke too soon.  My Red Hat 7.1/7.3 systems need to use the 
same layout as debian3, so I had that in my patch.  I also created the 
cpu_wait column for my freebsd systems, but left it undefined so that 
every system could use the same vmstat graph.  For those that track 
IOwait, it'll use it.  For those that do not, the parameter will show up 
in the legend and keep the value "nan".  Not the prettiest, but much 
easier to maintain.  Patch is attached, which relies on yours already 
being in place, in case you are interested.  I hesitate to push for 
inclusion since RH 8.0, 9 and what ever else is out there may report 
their BBOSNAME as "redhat" but use a different vmstat, plus not everyone 
wants their graphs to include a parameter that might not exist.  It's 
out there for whoever wants to use it.

I also included a simple, tiny patch to add an echo statement for 
starthobbit.sh that tells the user hobbit is stoppped, much like the 
message displayed when starting.  I put it there as a way to clarify 
what is happening when the rest of my team starts messing around with 
hobbit.  I'm thinking of creating a new symlink called "runhobbit.sh", 
just to match the old BB style and to try and avoid any confusion that 
may go along with a command that looks like this "starthobbit.sh stop"

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