[hobbit] vmstat graphing with CPU io wait

Tom Georgoulias tgeorgoulias at nandomedia.com
Thu Jan 27 13:50:09 CET 2005

Henrik Stoerner wrote:

>  > on RHEL3, vmstat's CPU info columns are in this order:
>  >
>  >
>  > user -12th
>  > system - 13th
>  > IO wait - 14th
>  > idle - 15th
> Argh! They swapped the order of the IO wait and idle counters!

Frustrating, huh?  And I'll bet it'll match Fedora's and others when 
procps gets updated in a future batch of errata.  :(

> Well, the simple way of fixing that is to just switch them around
> in hobbitgraph.cfg. But cpu_idl is used in a lot of graphs, so that
> does get rather messy.
> So it's probably better to define RHEL3 as a new OS type, and
> setup it's own table for mapping the numbers to the RRD data.

That's what I've been doing.  One problem that remains for me when doing 
this, or maybe there for other OSes as well, is the continued use of the 
"vmstat" graph in the vmstat status page.  I'm going to try and adjust 
that so the rhel3 systems use vmstat1 and other OSes use whatever they need.

> Patch - on top of the previous one - attached. It compiles, but
> I haven't tested it. It assumes your vmstat data sends in
> "rhel3" as the name of the OS.

I was going to share the patch I created, which looks almost the same, 
but   I went ahead and used yours instead, though, just to be in sync 
with your sources.


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