[hobbit] Hobbit 4.0 beta-6 available

Tom Georgoulias tgeorgoulias at nandomedia.com
Mon Jan 24 19:47:03 CET 2005

Kimberly McKinnis wrote:
> So when I untar it to a new folder (/usr/local/hobbit-4.0-beta5), I have
> to copy over all my configs to the new folder
> (/usr/local/hobbit-4.0-beta6)? Like bb-hosts, etc? Maybe I need
> caffeine, because I am clearly missing something.

I untarred it in /tmp/hobbit-4.0-beta6 and built it from there, using 
the user ID I wanted to run it under, without copying over any of my 
config files from the working server.  When I ran the ./configure, it 
prompted me for all the usual stuff (like fping, install location, user 
id, etc.) and I entered the same settings that I used for beta5.

After that "make", then "make setup" as root.  I figured that Henrik's 
comment in his beta5 email about the old config files (i.e. bb-hosts) 
not being written over was still in effect, so I went for it and it 
didn't erase any of them.

After the setup was done, I added the HEARTBEAT variable and restarted.

To answer Bruce's question, I used make setup instead of make install 
because that was the command Henrik said to use in his beta5 upgrade 
instructions.  Since beta6 didn't mention any particular method, I 
figured it was a safe bet since I haven't done a whole lot to hobbit 
that I couldn't redo in a matter of minutes.  Here's the excerpt from 
his message:

  Upgrading from beta-4 -> beta-5: Unpack beta-5, run "configure",
"make" and "make setup". It will *not* overwrite your configuration
files (despite the warning). I recommend that you copy the new
hobbitserver.cfg and hobbitgraph.cfg files to your ~hobbit/server/etc
directory, since some settings were added.

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