[Xymon] Xymon server to monitor off-site cluster [private nodes]

Joseph De Nicolo denicoloj at gmail.com
Fri Jun 28 17:57:17 CEST 2013

thanks for the help guys. I was able to get the hardware tests from the
child nodes to my xymon server.

Is it possible to retrieve network tests on private nodes such as my setup?
I'm not sure what to set on the xymon server side in hosts.cfg. I used the
IP address of the HEAD NODE but used the host name of the child nodes and
that seemed to work, but for network tests it will ping / ssh / ect using
the ip of the head node. Does this mean I will have to use the head node as
a server to ping and issue network tests to the child nodes? Is it a matter
of deleting the line in tasks.cfg for the network test modules that say
"NEEDS xymond"?

This is my hosts.cfg on my central xymon server:
page mubs Cluster
group   Mubs - Head Node
212.456.132.5  mubs.example.com    # ssh
group   Mubs - Child Nodes
212.456.132.5  mubs-child01
212.456.132.5  mubs-child02
group   Mubs - Dell Remote Access Controllers   mubs-drac.example.com    # noconn

How can I grab checks for the idrac cards which is basically just a https
network check? A work around would be to just set up ports / procs check
and look to see if ssh, and web services are running. The dracs are plugged
into the same private switch for child nodes so they are only reachable by
using X forwarding with the head node first.

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On Fri, Jun 28, 2013 at 1:03 AM, Jeremy Laidman <jlaidman at rebel-it.com.au>wrote:

> On 28 June 2013 05:03, Joseph De Nicolo <denicoloj at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Now I installed an xymon server on the head-node, where can I disable the
>> server daemon and enable xymonproxy?
> The server and proxy are launched by xymonlaunch, as specified in the
> tasks.cfg file.  Edit tasks.cfg and look for the [xymond] and [xymonproxy]
> entries, and add, comment out or remove DISABLED as required.  For
> readability or self-documentation, you can change DISABLED to ENABLED, but
> ENABLED is the default.  Be sure to put your Xymon server IP address in the
> xymonproxy command line after "--server=" (within tasks.cfg).
> You need to have the xymon service (xymonlaunch) running, otherwise
> xymonproxy won't run.
> Cheers
> Jeremy
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