Clearing ACK user credentials in the user interface (UI)

Ian Diddams didds3 at
Mon Nov 30 11:08:03 CET 2020

We have several hobbit servers running in different environments (4.3.28)
In order to ack or enable and disable alerts we have (of course) an account created within hobbit 

i.e.   htpasswd -c /etc/xymon/server/etc/xymonpasswd <user>

Across multiple different web browsers (IE, Edge, FF, Chrome, opera etc) over time I've used these credentials and theyve somehow/somewhere been cached. But here's the wierd thing - I cant clear them!  eg if I use shit+ctrl+delete for all time and everything, or firefox.exe -p for a clean profile, in a browser with no proxies and reopened after clwearing etc...  an attempt to ack goes straight to the ack page and doesnt prompt me for the UI account credentials?  This must be browser/OS based rather than  hobbit/xymon itself of course but its driving me nuts?
Anyone able to put me out of my siery and advise how i can make sure I clear this stuff so ic an test correctly etc ?
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