[Xymon] Bug - duplicate RRD data with same timestamp different data

Marco Avvisano marco.avvisano at regione.toscana.it
Fri Nov 20 13:05:30 CET 2020


I have a script that creates and updates rrd files following with 
following command:

  $line = "[TipoDocVers,$tipo_doc.rrd]";

Among the rrd files created by the script were two similarly named  
(TipoDocVers,allegato. rrd ;TipoDocVers,Allegato.rrd),

but only one was updated

While debugging, I realized that the error message was due to the fact 
that the names of the two files were treated equally,

without considering upper and lower case characters

These are the error messages from the rrd-data.log file

2020-11-20 11:55:10.896536 ENTE/TipoDocVers,Allegato.rrd: Bug - 
duplicate RRD data with same timestamp 1605869710, different data
14336 2020-11-20 11:55:10.896592 Val 0: Seq 152739: 1605869710:788682
14336 2020-11-20 11:55:10.896603 NewVal: Seq 152740: 1605869710:479451


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