[Xymon] Xymon, graph but without xymonserver (NCV) definition graph

Grégory Bulot diffusion at bulot-fr.com
Fri Nov 13 16:57:37 CET 2020


I have to monitor lot's of haproxy backend (in multiple servers)

The trouble for is that backend aren't the same name, because name is
the Web domaine for each client. for exemple

on serveur01 :
   FO_DomaineMydomainecomSessCur: 294
   FO_DomaineOtherDomainecomSessCur: 249
   FO_DomaineTheDomainecomSessCur: 942
on serveur02 :
   FO_DomaineTotocomSessCur: 924
   FO_DomaineTiticomSessCur: 429
   FO_DomaineTatacomSessCur: 494
on serveurXX:

And the same with for each Domaine, Serveurs

I read  https://xymon.sourceforge.io/xymon/help/howtograph.html (More
advanced: Sending a "trends" message) 

it need "to setup a definition for generating the graphs in the
graphs.cfg "

I'm not understanding howto push that 
  * in body of $XYMON $BBDISP "statuts XXXXX ...." ?
  * in other word than 'status' ?
  * what else 

Xymon server side does somethings like that is enough ? (implied no
need ncv definition ?) :

    FNPATTERN haproxysess,(.*).rrd
    TITLE [backend stats]
    YAXIS value
    -l 0
    DEF:p at RRDIDX@=@RRDFN@:lambda:AVERAGE
    GPRINT:p at RRDIDX@:LAST: \: %2.3lf (cur)
    GPRINT:p at RRDIDX@:MAX: \: %2.3lf (max)
    GPRINT:p at RRDIDX@:MIN: \: %2.3lf (min)
    GPRINT:p at RRDIDX@:AVERAGE: \: %2.3lf (avg xymon)\n


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