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omar sanchez seatuxred at
Thu Mar 26 02:00:37 CET 2020


I`m trying to obtain a txt report from the last hour , to send it to  netcool platform. 
I am trying with the following script

 START=`date '+%Y%m%h' --date="1 hour ago"` END=`date '+%Y%m%h'`
 ./xymoncmd perfdata.cgi $START $END
but the output does not generate any valid information.
+ date +%Y%m%d --date=1 day ago+ START=20200324+ date +%Y%m%d+ END=20200325+ echo 20200324 2020032520200324 20200325+ ./xymoncmd perfdata.cgi 20200324 202003252020-03-25 19:55:58.292590 Using default environment file /var/lib/xymon/server/etc/xymonserver.cfg2020-03-25 19:55:58.299716 Usage:perfdata.cgi HOSTNAME-PATTERN STARTTIME ENDTIME+ exit 0

Best RegardsOmar Sanchez
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