[Xymon] email add-on other than html_mail.pl?

Becker Christian christian.becker at rhein-zeitung.net
Tue Mar 24 16:33:54 CET 2020

Hello to the list,

i'm looking for another email add-on to Xymon (or another script) other than html_mail.pl which I'm currently using.
The html_mail.pl works fine, but now I'm in the situation to send emails to a MS Teams subchannel, and the result is useless, because it's totally mis-formatted in MS Teams.

I tried using the Xymon built-in mail function without html_mail.pl, but this is also not really nice, I'ld like to have at least the red / yellow / green icons together with a black background.
My knowledge isn't good enough to modify html_mail.pl to my needs.

Any idea?

Stay at home - stay healthy!

Best regards from Germany
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