[Xymon] relay server

Scot Kreienkamp Scot.Kreienkamp at la-z-boy.com
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Hi Danny,

Xymonproxy is definitely what you want.  I have a setup of that type also with xymonproxy.  It works quite well.  You have a main xymon server and a remote server that can talk to the main server on 1984.  The remote server runs xymonnet, xymonproxy, and the xymon client.  All tests originate from the remote server and all your clients send their reports to the remote xymon server, which relays them back to the main xymon server via xymonproxy.  Takes a few config changes in tasks.cfg, but once done it works well.

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hi Danny,

a while back I posted 2 arti les on my blog that might help you with your use case'



The latyer describes xymonproxy. Combine it with xymonnet reporting to that proxy and you should be fine.


On Mar 19, 2020 14:52, Danny Mallory <dmallor at gmail.com<mailto:dmallor at gmail.com>> wrote:
Is there a way to create a xymon relay service.. As example my xymon server cannot reach the end point to perform tests (e.g http, dns, etc or receiving local client data) but an intermediate device could do it.  Not sure if this is something a client or server could do?

xymonserver(main) <> xymonserver(relay) <> xymonclient

thx in advance


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