How to use CLASS in alerts.cfg

Ribeiro, Glauber glauber.ribeiro at
Wed Mar 11 15:44:41 CET 2020

Hello, Xymon f(r)iends! It’s been too long.

I'm trying to configure a new setup of xymon server 4.3.30, and I planned to use "CLASS" to group alerts. So I have stuff like this in hosts.cfg (notice I'm using both CLASS and NAME) (IP addresses and host names changed to protect the guilty):

------------------- # noconn NAME:USAEA1PWBUAS036 CLASS:apache ssh # noconn NAME:USAEA1PAPUAS035 CLASS:resin ssh

The class shows up correctly on the info page (at the bottom, under "Other tags"). It also works correctly for filtering in the "enable/disable" (enadis) page. But I haven't figured out how to use it in alerts.cfg.

I tried:

    MAIL yadayada

HOST=%.*  CLASS=apache
    MAIL yadayada

    MAIL yadayada  CLASS=apache

Nothing seems to work. Is there something I need to do to enable class in alerts?
Or am I getting the syntax wrong?
Is this a bug?

When I say it doesn't seem to work, I mean that I don't see the alert in the "info" page for that host if I try to select by class.

Another detail: I am using include files in hosts.cfg. For example:

group Apache
include /opt/xymon/server/etc/hosts.d/apache.cfg

Any ideas are welcome.



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