[Xymon] hosts.cfg validity check

John Thurston john.thurston at alaska.gov
Tue Jan 28 01:12:53 CET 2020

What's a simple way to programmatically confirm a hosts.cfg is 
syntactically valid?

With apache web server, one can do
   apachectl -t
to parse the config file without launching the daemon.

What are my options with xymon? I see I can do
   xymond --hosts=hosts.cfg
but that looks like it is going to launch the daemon

It looks like xymonnet offers the --no-update flag, but doesn't let me 
explicitly specify a hosts.cfg

I thought the xymoncfg utility would do it. But it seems to always end 
with exit-code == 0 regardless of what I feed it.

I thought maybe I could use xymoncmd with an explicit hosts.cfg to call 
xymonnet, but it appears I'd need to create a whole new environment file 
rather than just passing in the name of a new hosts.cfg

How can I confirm a hosts.cfg isn't going to crash my xymon instance 
before I feed it to my actual instance?

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