configuring status+ for specific alerts non-purple interval

Ian Diddams didds3 at
Wed Jan 22 16:37:14 CET 2020

i have a hobbt/xymon server with stabdard default 30 minute STATUSLIFETIME

However I have a one specific alert/test that actually only needs to run once a day eg 0001. So that will of course go purple after 30 minutes cos the next run wont be for another 23.5 hours yet.

Ive gleaned through googling that it seems possible to include a status+ parameter on the actual script "reporting" line in the script.

eg if the current command is

$XYMON $XYMSRV "status $MACHINE.$TEST $COL2 `date` `cat /tmp/OUTPUT`"
there is a way to add onto that line that only foir this alert the "purple threshold time" shoud be eg 25 hours.

is that simply then

$XYMON $XYMSRV "status+25h $MACHINE.$TEST $COL2 `date` `cat /tmp/OUTPUT`"

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