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Kris Springer kspringer at innovateteam.com
Sat Jan 11 00:13:55 CET 2020

I appreciate the response, but simply saying 'google it' is not 
helpful.  I've been googling all day and following various how-to's with 
no success.

Kris Springer

On 1/10/20 4:07 PM, Ron Cohen wrote:
> you can configure postfix to use a gmail account. On some 
> distributions it is a setup option. otherwise google it.
> On 10/01/2020 19:30, Kris Springer wrote:
>> I've just spent half my day attempting to get Postfix to function, 
>> without success.   My ISP blocks port 25, so I've attempted to setup 
>> the TLS relay to my SMTP host, but that doesn't work either.  Gone 
>> are the days of just editing a few configs and then everything 
>> works.  I've read more how-to's than I want to count, and none 
>> actually work.  If Xymon has 'alerts' built-in shouldn't it roll in 
>> an actual email relay tool that users can enter their basic SMTP 
>> server credentials and it just works? Can someone offer some sane 
>> assistance please?  I'm beating my head against the wall at this point.
>> Kris Springer
>> On 1/10/20 7:07 AM, Root, Paul T wrote:
>>> Postfix is the newer mail program.
>>> /etc/postfix/main.cf
>>> You'll want to set myhostname, myorigin, inet_interfaces, 
>>> my_destination, and maybe relayhost.
>>> They are pretty self expanitory.
>>> You might also need to look at the firewall.
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>>> I just built a new Ubuntu 19.10 server and installed Xymon server on it
>>> using the premade apt package.  I've got working hosts.cfg,
>>> analysis.cfg, and client-local.cfg.  The webpage works fine and client
>>> data flows in and displays accurately.
>>> I've also configured alerts.cfg to email me for everything, but I'm not
>>> receiving any emails in my mailbox.  In the past when I've built a 
>>> xymon
>>> server box I installed Sendmail that took care of sending the emails
>>> out.  But this is 2020 and I'm assuming something else is built into 
>>> the
>>> Xymon Server code that does the emailing.  What am I missing here?  
>>> Do I
>>> still need to install a separate mailer?
>>> -- 
>>> Kris Springer
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