[Xymon] how to get ifstat graphs as a column button

Ralph M ralphmitchell at gmail.com
Fri Jan 3 04:57:17 CET 2020

You need to send an actual report to get the column to show up.  That's
pretty easy:

     /home/xymon/server/bin/xymon <XYMONSERVER> "status
server,domain,com.ifstat green `date`"

Note that "server,domain,com" is comma-separated, because the ".ifstat" is
dot-separated for historical reasons...

That gets you the ifstat column with no special report message.  Now, to
make the ifstat graph show up in that report, edit the Xymon server config
file:  /home/xymon/server/etc/xymonserver.cfg   Find the big-ass long line
that starts TEST2RRD="....." and add ifstat to the end of it:


not sure if Xymon needs restarting for that to take effect.  Once the
ifstat column shows up, click through the green dot to see the graph.

The ifstat report will have a lifetime of 30 mins by default, so you'll
want to repeat the empty test message occasionally to prevent the dot from
going purple.  Or just live with the purple dot.  Or disable it so it turns
blue - that'll leave the disable message occupying a couple of lines near
the top, pushing the graph further down the page.

Ralph Mitchell

On Thu, Jan 2, 2020 at 3:39 PM Kris Springer <kspringer at innovateteam.com>

> I'd like to get the 'ifstat' graphs to be a column button that I can
> click to go right to those graphs.  I tried adding 'ifstat' into my
> group column list in my hosts.cfg file but no column appeared.  I
> realize that it's not a default column, but if I could get it working it
> would save me a lot of clicks and scrolling.
> --
> Kris Springer
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