[Xymon] open one page in main view to public

Thomas Eckert thomas.eckert at it-eckert.de
Tue Nov 19 12:44:45 CET 2019

Hi Rolf,

this might give away more details than you want: If you have `XYMONDLOGSTATUS=DYNAMIC` (the default) in `xymonserver.cfg` and allow the external users to view the detailed status via `svcstatus.sh` they can simply edit the URL and view info from another host (they need to know the hostname but obscurity should not be a security measure).

You _can_ restrict access to the CGIs but it is … heavily under-documented (user `—access=/etc/xymon/xymongroups`-parameter with `CGI_SVC_OPTS` in `cgioptions.cfg` to use the group-file handling access …) there may be some docs on the ML.

Maybe building a separate page-set (see `xymongen(1)`), build the status-pages static too with `XYMONDLOGSTATUS=STATIC` for that page-set and copy the img-resources to the destination-directory is a better maintainable and safer option.

> On 19 Nov 2019, at 10:44, Rolf Schrittenlocher <schritte at ub.uni-frankfurt.de> wrote:
> hi to all,
> our xymon is secured by IP and password. Now we want to open one page in the main view to public (not world wide but a broader public). If I do this using apache all graphics, header und footer is missing, only the "ALT" text is presented. Any way to change this without giving access to other pages in xymon?
> Thanks for help
> Rolf
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