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Becker Christian christian.becker at rhein-zeitung.net
Tue Nov 12 11:41:06 CET 2019

Hello together,

following wiki.xymonton.org, i found Wim Nelis' entry diskstat.pl which I already successfully used nearly 4 years ago.

Unfortunately I have migrated our xymon server since then, in addition to that the "old" linux machine on which diskstat.pl was initially used doesn't exist any longer.

Now I wanted to use diskstat.pl  again on a new linux client, and therefore I looked to the entry at wiki.xymonton.org again, but I found a newer version of diskstat.pl (now using devmon format).

I followed all the steps, but my result is an entry on the xymon server in the logfile rrd-status.log:

2019-10-18 11:44:07.817334 RRD error creating /opt/xymon/data/rrd/linuxclient1/diskstat.,root.rrd: invalid DS type specified
2019-10-18 11:44:07.817620 RRD error creating /opt/xymon/data/rrd/linuxclient1/diskstat.,var.rrd: invalid DS type specified
2019-10-18 11:44:07.817660 RRD error creating /opt/xymon/data/rrd/linuxclient1/diskstat.,opt.rrd: invalid DS type specified
2019-10-18 11:44:07.817704 RRD error creating /opt/xymon/data/rrd/linuxclient1/diskstat.,boot.rrd: invalid DS type specified

The diskstat.pm  on linuxclient1 looks as follows:

sh-4.1$ cat diskstat.pm
package diskstat ;
# Specify the disks and partitions to be monitored, and the name of the
# associated mount-point. The latter is shown in the resulting graph.
require Exporter ;

our @ISA   = qw/ Exporter / ;
our @EXPORT= qw/ %Disks / ;

%Disks= (
        "sda1" => { Name => "/boot"        },
        "dm-1" => { Name => "/"            },
        "dm-6" => { Name => "/var"         },
        "dm-7" => { Name => "/opt"         },
) ;

1 ;

My perl isn't good enough to find out why it says invalid DS type specified. Do you have any suggestions what could have went wrong here??

My xymon client (linuxclient1) is running CentOS 6.6 64 Bit, my xymon server is running CentOS 7.7 64 Bit.

Do you need more information?

Best regards from Germany

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