[Xymon] Problem with clientlog, info, cpu, disk, memory

Luca Tolomelli tolomelli.luca at gmail.com
Fri Mar 29 11:49:56 CET 2019

Problem resolved just now: it was a virtual network card (on the xymon
server) that somehow interfered...!

Il giorno ven 29 mar 2019 alle ore 10:41 Jeremy Laidman <jeremy at laidman.org>
ha scritto:

> Luca
> Check that the hosts.cfg entry for the machine doesn't have
> "NOCOLUMNS:disk,cpu,memory".
> Check the Xymon logs, particularly "xymond.log" and "clientdata.log".
> Check the "Ghost Clients" report.
> Or, might it be something as simple as a full filesystem, or wrong
> permissions perhaps?
> Can you provide the output of this command, to show the [df] section of
> the client log:
> $ xymon 127.1 'clientlog server-name.example.com section=df'
> The "[df]" section of the client log is used to generate the cpu status,
> and with no status, there's no column.
> The client message data goes into xymond from the Xymon agent running on
> the client machine, by connecting to the server's xymond process on
> TCP/1984. The xymond process then pushes the client data onto the "client"
> channel. The xymond_client process subscribes to the channel and so it
> receives the client data. If the machine is a Linux machine, xymond_client
> then parses the [df] and [top] and [free] sections (for other OS types,
> different sections are parsed), and xymond_client creates status messages
> for "disk", "cpu" and "memory". It injects these status messages into the
> xymond process via TCP/1984, to appear on the Xymon web page. See here for
> a reference chart:
> http://tools.rebel-it.com.au/Xymon%20-%20the%20Big%20Picture.pdf
> Perhaps run the xymond_client process with the "--debug" option, and see
> if it indicates that it is getting the data. Also, check the "analysis.cfg"
> file, which is used to specify the behaviour of xymond_client, and might
> cause it to misbehave.
> Cheers
> Jeremy
> On Fri, 29 Mar 2019 at 00:33, Luca Tolomelli <tolomelli.luca at gmail.com>
> wrote:
>> Hi to all!
>> I've just installet xymon server (on Centos 7), but I've 2 problems:
>> 1) All my linux machines (xymon server included) ha the clientlog column
>> (with all the client's info), but no cpu, disk or memory column.
>> 2) The info column af any objecy (linux machines, windows machines, other
>> objects) if selected, gives a "No such host" blank page.
>> Any ideas?
>> Thanks!
>> Luca
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