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Yes, this worked.  Thank you for the reply, Kris and Paul R.  p.s. correct name of file to replace is XymonClient.ps1 and remember to unblock it.  Thanks

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Yes, simply replacing the XymonPSClient.ps1 on each client will result in the update.

There is a way to remotely update, but it's a bit more complex and may not be worth your trouble if you only have a few clients.

Kris Springer

On 3/27/19 9:36 AM, Robles, Chris wrote:
I want to update our clients to the latest build of XymonPSClient.  Do I need to follow the uninstall procedure from the documentation or can I just stop the service, and replace XymonPSClient.ps1 with the new one and then startup the service?  Trying to go from version 2.37 to 2.41.  Thanks.

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