[Xymon] Installation

Adam Thorn alt36 at cam.ac.uk
Wed Mar 27 16:19:49 CET 2019

On 27/03/2019 14:43, Bruce Ferrell wrote:

> Debian (and derivatives) sometimes needs to have the module(s) in that 
> folder be enabled or activated with a CLI command (a2enmod? I forget) 
> before apache will use them.
> You might google:
>      ubuntu apache module enable
> For more in-depth information on where to check for the xymon-apache file

Certainly, the 'xymon' package provided in the standard Ubuntu 
repositories provides a /etc/apache2/conf-available/xymon.conf apache 
config file. Enabling that and restarting apache, e.g.

a2enconf xymon
apache2ctl restart

is needed if using that package.


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