[Xymon] Call for 4.3.29 Patches

John Horne john.horne at plymouth.ac.uk
Wed Mar 27 13:22:56 CET 2019

On Tue, 2019-03-26 at 13:37 -0700, Japheth Cleaver wrote:
> Hello all,
> I'm pushing for a release of 4.3.29 relatively soon. I've been trying to
> go through the backlog to identify un-applied patches, but I know there
> are some that I'm missing. If you have build fixes or runtime changes
> that have not yet been put in in 4.3.29 already (see:
> https://sourceforge.net/p/xymon/code/HEAD/tree/branches/4.3.29/Changes),
> I'd appreciate if you could point them out.

A couple of small xymonnet patches we used on our 4.3.12 server for several
years until recently (upgraded to 4.3.28).

They are both one-line changes, but should be reviewed as we don't actually use
the NONETPAGE setting. However, looking at the code it just seems wrong (which
is probably why we initially modified our local code). It seems a variable is
set, but then never used when it should have been.

Patches attached.


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