[Xymon] Merging some add-ons into Xymon source code

Christian Herzog herzog at phys.ethz.ch
Wed Mar 27 08:26:02 CET 2019

hi all,

xymondash author here.

> In my professional life, I've found some pretty extensive issues with JS and pushing stuff I think of as server side out to the browser even if it DOES make things easier for devs.
it was a conscious decision to have everything display related in client JS
while the JSON filter logic is in server-side python.

> Looking at the GIT repository for xymondash, I see the usually Python
> nonsense... You need Python 3.5 (probably not installed already and a royal
even Debian stretch has python 3.5 out of the box. Interesting definition of
'bleeding edge'.

> X" and makes reference to python docs along with snark about which browsers
> don't support the dripping blood features of the "tool".
the interface is fully usable on any recent browser. Safari and Edge just
render the background gradient a little uglier than the rest.

I'd be happy to work with the xymon team to streamline things if there's
sufficient interest to get xymondash mainlined. In particular, having the JSON
source fully integrated would eliminate the service side headache and allow
for static xymondash hosting.


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