[Xymon] Merging some add-ons into Xymon source code

SebA spah at syntec.co.uk
Tue Mar 26 19:49:09 CET 2019

I think merging some add-ons into the Xymon source code should be
considered where those add-ons would be widely used, subject to licensing

For example, and I have not yet tested this add-on, but a way to alert on
processes using too much memory looks increasingly useful to me (together
with graphing of memory for certain processes):
Ideally the shell code that add-on uses would be converted to support in
the C code so that this could be configured in analysis.cfg rather than
hosts.cfg though.

Another example is Xymondash:
I haven't used it yet either, but it sounds good.  Having said that,
development on that shouldn't be stymied by locking it to Xymon releases -
and it requires Python >= 3.5 (or 3.4).  Maybe as a post-installation task
Xymon could ask if you wish to install it, check dependencies, ask a few
questions, download and install it?
It would be good to be able to present a more modern GUI as part of Xymon.

Kind regards,

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