[Xymon] False procs alert

John Thurston john.thurston at alaska.gov
Thu Mar 21 19:38:22 CET 2019

Since the 'conn' test is normally populated by a server-side instance of 
xymonnet, I can think of a few ways this could happen:

A) DNS round-robin (multiple A-records), one of which isn't responding

B) More than one instance of xymonnet running, one of which is on a 
network which is firewalled from the host

C) An errant client sending a 'status' message with the 'conn' tag

D) Multipathing on your network, one path of which isn't working


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On 3/21/2019 10:25 AM, Walter Rutherford wrote:
> So now it's mostly a curiosity. Has anyone else seen a system report 
> flapping like this?

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