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John Alexander john.alexander at preachain.org
Mon Mar 18 05:11:02 CET 2019

Hi Matthew,

Each Xymon implementation is sort of unique - depending on your use case.

Follow the directions to set up the Xymon server on whatever host system 
and then go through the help topics.  They are quite rich. If your 
environment on which you will run the Xymon server is not virtualized, 
consider obtaining a Raspberry Pi to be the Xymon server.  It will 
handle a surprising load.

Assuming that you have a VPN to your Azure and AWS environments, have 
the agents report back directly to your Xymon server.   Since it appears 
you are a Windows environment, you will want the BBWin agents - 
https://sourceforge.net/projects/bbwin/  - results may vary.

Once you get the front end properly showing data, then worry about the 
alerting and other fun things.  Xymon is more of a framework and you can 
monitor and report on an amazing amount of things.

John Alexander

On 3/17/2019 20:03, Matthew Gregory wrote:
> Hello,
> I am an IT Manager for a non-profit charity, and am looking at using 
> Zymon, to monitor our servers:
> ·My Terminal Server (same network as the Zymon server)
> ·Web Server on Azure (Windows Server 2019)
> ·Web Server on AWS (Windows Server 2016)
> All of my servers have fixed external IP addresses, can someone point 
> in the right direction to set everything up with my servers and email 
> notifications.
> *Matthew Gregory*
> IT Manager
> Rural Youth & Adult Literacy Trust
> www.adultliteracy.ac.nz <http://www.adultliteracy.ac.nz/>
> *m:* 022 644 9544
> *t:* 0800 891 339
> *e:* matthew at adultliteracy.ac.nz <mailto:matthew at adultliteracy.ac.nz>
> Banner <https://www.adultliteracy.ac.nz/>
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