[Xymon] HPE BL460c Gen9 SNMP tests going clear

Jeremy Laidman jeremy at laidman.org
Thu Mar 14 06:10:34 CET 2019

On Thu, 14 Mar 2019 at 14:17, Colin Coe <colin.coe at gmail.com> wrote:

> I've changed the snmpver from 2 to 1 but that didn't improve things.
> having tcpdump running in another ssh session, I can see that requests are
> being send and responses are being received.  I see no negative requests,
> and ofen the Devmon tests go clear even though SNMP data is received.  The
> devmon.log file reflects devmon's view, not the reality of the SNMP
> responses.

Hmm, might be a devmon parsing issue.

I'm thinking about using the baked in Xymon SNMP tests but how would I
> translate the Proliant server tests, for example
> "compaq-servernohspare/raid"?

I guess you'd need to configure up a new entry in snmpmibs.conf. I wouldn't
know how to do this TBH, on my servers, I let devmon do the RAID stuff and
I relieve it from its duty for monitoring interface,ICMP and storage stats.

Sorry, I had meant to add that all our HPE Proliant Gen7s are reporting
> fine, its only the Gen9 servers that have this problem.

Curious. I'd be looking at the differences between gen7 and gen9 responses
to see if you can detect anything there.

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