[Xymon] HPE BL460c Gen9 SNMP tests going clear

Bruce Ferrell bferrell at baywinds.org
Wed Mar 13 07:02:46 CET 2019

On 3/12/19 9:58 PM, Colin Coe wrote:
> Hi all
> All of our Gen9 servers are flicking between green and clear for Devmon SNMP tests.  (Posting here as Devmon seems a dead project.)
> The attached screen region grab shows what I'm trying to say.
> I've updated the firmware (including iLO) on one server and it made no difference.
> Anyone else seen this?
> Thanks
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I see a lot of odd things with devmon. I have seen an issue something like on my Dell R710 with OMSA.  It patches itself into snmpd via a loaded library to report on Dell storage 
and sometimes the response from that get's really slow and blocks response to devmon.  An update a while back to OMSA cleared that up.

I also have to run a cron job that does a kill -9 on it every two hours and then restart it... It likes to gobble memory like it's going out of style.

People DO respond on the devmon list, just a little slowly.

I run my devmon in multi node mode with MySQL backing.  when I do see gross errors like this I turn on debug and watch the devmon log to see what errors are thrown.

What OS and SNMPD is running on the HP?  Especially the SNMPD... It matters.  OS X and pFSense don't report some OIDs  correctly due to the snmpd they run.  It's one of those 
"snmpd/ya just gotta know about it" things.

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