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Japheth Cleaver cleaver at terabithia.org
Fri Mar 8 15:46:52 CET 2019

I think a larger discussion on Xymon's roadmap in terms of Docker and 
container analysis is definitely something warranted. A host-based 
approach tends to invite individualized responses to coordination among 
varying levels of architecture (including both host -> hypervisor, 
baremetal (eg, DRAC) -> host, and hypervisor "status" reporting), but 
containers' typically ephemeral nature could merit a distinct reference 
point -- or not, if it's desired to have them persistently reportable. 
Host-Svc may or may not make sense there.

I tend to agree that a move to Github may be helpful here at this point 
- athough with the various community issues people have had with GH 
since MS's purchase, it seems there has been a bit of an outcry, I'm not 
sure there's much SF will end up being able to capitalize on. It would 
certainly make PR's easier to coordinate and invite more interaction.

The largest stalling point on the roadmap here was indeed the IPv6 
transition. I think things are releasable in an Alpha state, and that 
was the intent at the last release, but it's been difficult to find any 
site using IPv6 at sufficient scale who could help with the testing 
process. That's a bit of a Catch-22 though, and perhaps it would be best 
to release an easy reference point for future testing and go from there 
- along with the various other patches that I've received. (And this 
does raise the question of what the next highest priorities out there 
will be.)


On 3/8/2019 4:39 AM, James Louis wrote:
> Hello All,
> I agree with SebA on this issue. I count on Xymon and it has proven 
> itself many times over. But there needs to be seen a roadmap. I get 
> comments about Xymon being so 80's but I answer back with how Xymon 
> gets the job done. But we are in seriously changing times with so much 
> being done in the virtual, containerized and micro-kernel areas. There 
> is an array of "cloud" hosting options. Maybe a discussion is needed 
> on what Xymon will do and will not do in the future.
> On Fri, Mar 8, 2019 at 6:11 AM SebA <spah at syntec.co.uk 
> <mailto:spah at syntec.co.uk>> wrote:
>     The lack of releases (and commits - there are commits after the
>     last release, but only 2) on the *nix side is concerning.  IPv6
>     support may have been something that people thought would be
>     needed, and then wasn't so much in demand, but I think that demand
>     would be there if Xymon had good support for Docker container
>     monitoring.  With the increasing use of Docker, Xymon needs to be
>     able monitor Docker containers or it will die a slow death (and it
>     may already be too late).
>     Many years ago, I pushed for Xymon to be moved from VCS to SVN to
>     promote community contributions.  Git, specifically GitHub, has
>     replaced SVN as the best thing to promote community contributions,
>     and I think it would be beneficial if the official Xymon code
>     repos are migrated to GitHub.  (There is an unofficial sync
>     project to sync a lot of SVN projects to GitHub but the project
>     has recently closed: https://github.com/svn2github/xymon)
>     Kind regards,
>     SebA
>     On Fri, 8 Mar 2019 at 12:02, Felipe Ribeiro <felipe at redix.com.br
>     <mailto:felipe at redix.com.br>> wrote:
>         The last update that I could find is the 4.3.28 dated on
>         2017-01-18 since them I don’t see any other update even
>         alpha/beta.
>         Att,
>         *De:* Richard L. Hamilton <rlhamil2 at gmail.com
>         <mailto:rlhamil2 at gmail.com>>
>         *Enviada em:* quinta-feira, 7 de março de 2019 17:54
>         *Para:* Felipe Ribeiro <felipe at redix.com.br
>         <mailto:felipe at redix.com.br>>
>         *Cc:* Ian Diddams via Xymon <xymon at xymon.com
>         <mailto:xymon at xymon.com>>
>         *Assunto:* Re: [Xymon] Is the xymon Dead? Future
>         You can see updates being checked in at the sourceforge
>         repository, so it's not dead. Someone doing the work will have
>         to tell you what features may be added.  IPv6 support has been
>         one of those, but I don't know how much progress has been made.
>             On Mar 7, 2019, at 13:13, Felipe Ribeiro
>             <felipe at redix.com.br <mailto:felipe at redix.com.br>> wrote:
>             Hello,
>             I'm working on a company that uses xymon for almost the
>             beggining.
>             We enjoy the view that xymon can provid us, using html
>             plugin, we could make some very good sensors.
>             But, we are afraid mainly cause the last update whore on
>             2017, and we don’t know for how long it will be compatible
>             with clients.
>             So, my questions are, what's next? There’s something going
>             on with the project? It'll someday gain an MYSQL historic ?
>             Or, even there's some monitoring system that you are
>             looking at with the same organized visual aspect (Page ->
>             Group -> Host -> Plugin) ?

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