[Xymon] CPU Average for 1 month via CLI

Norbert Kriegenburg norbert.kriegenburg at de.ibm.com
Fri Mar 1 19:03:57 CET 2019

There is no way to get this directly afaik.
But you can extract those values from your rrd files with the start and end
arg with rrdtool.

For example to get the average load for a server for the last 15 days just

rrdtool fetch la.rrd AVERAGE -s now-15d -e now | gawk '!/nan/{sum+=$2};END
{printf("Average load: %.1f\n",sum/NR)}'

For a bunch of servers loop like this

for server in $list
  rdtool fetch $XYMONRRDS/$server/la.rrd AVERAGE -s now-15d -e now|gawk
'!/nan/{sum+=$2};END{printf("Average load server %s: %.1f


From:	Bill Howe <howe.bill at gmail.com>
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Is anyone aware of a way to generate reports via the CLI that show, for
example, a host's CPU average over the last 30 days?

I can get the data in graph form via the xymon web portal's "Metrics
Reports" page, but need to gather this data point for a large number of

I also looked at the manpage for 'xymon', and xymondboard appears to gather
current stats, but I didn't see a way to gather a date range.

Thank you,

Bill Howe
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